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AWAWAT or how to manage your digital works.

Use of digital works, where you are, whenever you want while respecting the authors' rights: a challenge that AWAWAT aims to achieve.

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Last update: Saturday 25 April 2009


Awawat foundations

Respect copyright Copyright's respect, is a prerequisite of our project Awawat. Before using works, you will know exactly the terms of listening, reading or buying. These instructions will be defined by the author and will be posted prior to use. The

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Frequently Asked Questions

A short list of questions.

A simple way to clarify our process. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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Why a poll?

The survey aims to put forward different AWAWAT features. It has the aim to make you discover these innovations.

The survey does not harvest any data. It allows us to know just a little more your expectations or your desires, regarding the video on demand. For this reason, your opinion is important for us.

Below are some details on each item to help you in your choice.

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